Streamline the production of briefs & bundles.

BundlePro helps you create professional, presentable, and searchable PDF bundles in minutes, not hours!

BundlePro is a user-friendly, web-based solution, designed for law firms to help reduce the time consuming and labour intensive task of preparing a court bundle.

What you can do with it

With BundlePro, you can bundle documents together, insert placeholders, create a final searchable PDF document with paginated index pages, watermarking, custom page stamping, colour coded sections and a lot more.


BundlePro will automate document collation, pagination, and other essential processes, saving time, stress and money whilst recovering costs directly from your client.


BundlePro automatically converts large volumes of documents into a single, or multi-PDF document, complete with bookmarks, links, table of contents, and a cover page. The contents of the electronic bundle are run through our forensic OCR engine becoming fully text searchable and court ready.

Presentation is everything

With courts greater acceptance of e-bundles, having a viable tool to enable you to not just create bundles but create them in line with your courts specific requirements is essential.

Powerful features

Fully Customisable and Automated
Generate PDF bundles according to your own settings and design preferences. Improve reading experience with custom indexing, auto page numbering and easy document collation.
Fully Searchable
Searching for text is easy with BundlePro’s forensic optical character recognition (OCR) options.
Quick and Easy to Use
Our simple and responsive UI drag and drop interface makes it easier than ever to move, migrate, and merge documents.
Auto PDF
Add multiple documents of any size and file type and have them automatically converted to PDF on upload.
Time and Cost Reduction
Reduce staff costs by saving hours on document bundle preparation. Recover the cost via automatic disbursement of the fee.
Court Ready
Effective digitally created briefs and bundles ready to meet the requirements of the courts.
Stored in the cloud your bundle is always at hand.
Version Control
Save multiple versions as you add more data.
LEAP Integration
Integration with LEAP allows you direct access to the matter and documents ready to be shared.
Data Integrity and Security
Data is stored securely in the cloud reducing the need for paper storage and document retrieval.
Installation in Seconds
Self activation through LEAP.
Billable Time Recording
Record all billable time spent working on the Bundle.

LEAP Integration – One System

Technology has changed every aspect of the world. So, it is important to look at the processes and platforms your firm uses daily to ensure that your end-to-end business workflow is seamless and efficient. Plus, it must manage client information in the best way possible.

BundlePro has been specifically designed to integrate with LEAP firms. This makes it extremely convenient for you to manage files, access documents and recover costs. Once a bundle is created, an automatic disbursement can be generated to your client's ledger, recovering the cost of bundle creation.

BundlePro. Build better briefs and bundles.